7 Rules for Beginner Designers Interior

Be resolute

If you decide to change your life, do not be afraid and go ahead without looking back. If once such a decision came to you in the head, then the universe had its own reasons. Do not give up, faced with difficulties: even if the result is not quite the way you planned, perhaps life wants to teach you a lesson.

Practice self-education

Learn, read, look and listen! Remember, draw conclusions and transform the experience into your own vision. You can study endlessly, and only a foolish person will argue that he knows everything and knows how. There is no limit to perfection.

Do not be afraid to break the rules.

Breaking a template can be an important discovery, and any error will turn into an invaluable experience. Listen to your intuition and believe in yourself. This is much more valuable than going on the other path, torn apart.

Create and try

Learn new materials, new technologies, opportunities and experiment. You will not notice how brilliant ideas will start to be born in your head.

Look for your likes

Let there be few of you, because few dare to leave the comfort zone, but the exchange of positive energy with like-minded people will give you strength and confidence.


Learn the history and traditions of other cities, analyze, draw parallels. Look at the world with wide eyes, absorb, enjoy, be inspired by architecture, natural phenomena, unfamiliar landscapes, museums, theaters.

Give your favorite business without a trace

Money is not the main thing in any job, the sense of satisfaction and joy that brings you and others around you is much more important. This understanding will be the first step to success, and from him and to big money at hand.

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